Apple removes thousands of games

…from the Chinese App Store, alarming observers

In between the US and China tensions, first reported by AppInChina says earlier this month that Apple pulled more than 47,000 applications from the Chinese App Store.

That move wasn’t surprising, as Apple recently ordered a policy change to dispense with an escape clause that recently permitted paid games and games with in-application buys to be sold despite the fact that they were all the while awaiting approval from Chinese controllers.

It’s not the first time Apple had been solidly furnished into rolling out significant changes to its services in China, either. Like; iTunes Movies and iBookstore was shut down by Apple that was forced by Chinese regulators in April 2016 and then Apple released those stores in the country just six months later.

However, Apple’s whole App Store activity in China also relies upon its very own escape clause, the report claims. Apple has additionally avoided sharing the source code for iOS with China up until this point, having arranged exclusion with the Chinese government to not need to do as such.

Against Chinese tech companies, the Trump administration has recently taken significant actions.Also, make it difficult to work together in the orders of banning WeChat and TikTok, owned by Chinese tech giants Tencent and ByteDance, in the US. Additionally, The Trump administration tightened restrictions on Huawei, a Chinese phone maker.

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