Facebook& Twitter punish Trump over video

… he says in the video that children ‘almost immune’ to Covid-19

On Wednesday, Facebook deleted a video interview that was posted on the President Donald Trump account where he said that children are “almost immune” from Covid-19. Later, Twitter also followed similarly and blocked the official re-election campaign account of the president that is named with @TeamTrump, from tweeting unless it deleted the video link of this post. However, Twitter did not restrict other accounts of Trump, including his well known individual account. The video portion originates from a meeting with Fox News wherein he upheld that schools should open, saying that in his view youngsters are certainly immune from the COVID-19.

Now, the link that was associated to post say users – Sorry, this content isn’t available right now. A Facebook spokesperson said that video has false claims that a people group is immune from coronavirus that is an infringement of their strategies around unsafe COVID misinformation.It’s one of the few steps that Facebook has taken as removal to moderate Trump’s posted content.It comes after analysis from Facebook workers, social equality groups, and sponsors after the company decided not to make a move on a post by Trump where he said “when the looting starts,the shooting starts,” alluding to Black Lives Matter fights.Facebook workers arranged a virtual walkout in the fight, guaranteeing the post violated the community standards or company by instigating genuine violence. A few sponsors are as yet boycotting Facebook, despite the fact that it seems to have had little impact on Facebook’s business.

Additionally, the move comes the week after Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO confronted addressing the House Antitrust Subcommittee from Republican individuals from Congress.A spokesperson said that the @TeamTrump Tweet referenced is a violation upon the Twitter Rules on coronavirus misinformation. On Wednesday night Twitter separately said that the president’s official campaign account, @TeamTrump, would be restricted from tweeting until it deletes a tweet that is associating with the video.

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