Google took 5days about mail-voting misleading-ads

Reviewing multiple ads regarding misleading information about voting by mail took five days for Google before picking to support them, reported Washington Post. The promotions were made by Protect My Vote—a gathering the Post alludes to as “shadowy”— and seemed to target individuals in a few US states, including Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, and Read more about Google took 5days about mail-voting misleading-ads[…]

LG’s new battery-powered air-purifying face mask

On Thursday announcement, LG said that it is launching an air-purifying face mask that would be show off the following week’s IFA trade show in Berlin. It’s just like numerous others fitting having circles that snare behind the ears, however, LG said it’ll incorporate two excellent HEPA channels that can eliminate at least 99.97% of Read more about LG’s new battery-powered air-purifying face mask[…]

Spotify’s new exclusive League launch

A new release of Spotify is the exclusive League of Legends esports podcast. Spotify since came, always adds something to its exclusive podcast arsenal, and even today, it’s now going into the esports space. The company declared a multiyear association with Riot Games that will make Spotify the center point for all League of Legends Read more about Spotify’s new exclusive League launch[…]

Apple removes thousands of games

…from the Chinese App Store, alarming observers In between the US and China tensions, first reported by AppInChina says earlier this month that Apple pulled more than 47,000 applications from the Chinese App Store. That move wasn’t surprising, as Apple recently ordered a policy change to dispense with an escape clause that recently permitted paid Read more about Apple removes thousands of games[…]

Facebook& Twitter punish Trump over video

… he says in the video that children ‘almost immune’ to Covid-19 On Wednesday, Facebook deleted a video interview that was posted on the President Donald Trump account where he said that children are “almost immune” from Covid-19. Later, Twitter also followed similarly and blocked the official re-election campaign account of the president that is Read more about Facebook& Twitter punish Trump over video[…]